Habicht Vom Frasertal (r)

Windorff's Brix frm Brant

CH D'Belle Windorff vom Eichenbaum (r)

CH Windorff's Cora of Brant(r)

CH Windorff's Legacy Tamara CD(r)

CH Windorff's Lady Luck of Brant (r)

Windorff's Ashley From Brant

CH Windorff's Cora Rose of Brant(r)

Windorff's Broken Hearted Baku

Windorff's Precious NJ Girl

CH Windorff's Razeen From Brant

CH Windorff's Myleigh Rose From Brant

Windorff's Slice and Dice

CH Windorff's Cora My Leigh Rose
University of Guelph Hip Dsplasia certificate 0043003
OFA heart Certificate RO-CA4426/21F/C-PI
Universiry of Guelph - Elbow Dyplasia Certificate 0043003

Scarborough Kennel Club March 6, 2010,
received Group 3 Placement, Thanks Rita Walker,

RCC 2010 Ontario Regional Sieger Show September 5, 2010,
rated V4, Thanks Paul Dieter Viehoff, ADRK Germany,


Sire: Waldemar Von Blacksage
Int Ch. Ramzes Crni Lotos

Gref Crni Lotos

Daisy Crni Lotos

Rila Rea Von Adinomis Int Ch Gonzzo Earl Antonius

Atena Rea Von Adinomis

Dam: CH Windorff's Cora Rose of Brant

Imo Vom Bergischen Land

Int Ch. Ben Vom Schwaiger Rathaus BH

Candy Von Der Quellenburg
Ch Windorff's Lady Lucky of Brant

Windorff's Harley of Brant

Windorff's Pearl of Brant

SRC 2009 Toronto Sieger Show
May 30 and 31,2009
Class- 9-12 months
Rating: VSP 1
Judge: Anton Spindler
Judge's Critique:

scissors bite, Dark brown mouth pigmentation, tall, strong build , alert, strong head, medium cheekbones, broad skull, brown eyes correct ears, broad neck and backline, strong chest development, correct angulated, good muscled on rear end, short coat, clear brown markings, free movement.

Rottweiler Club of Canada
2009 Canadian National Sieger Show
Judge: Dirk Vandecasteele
Class: Jugendklasse 12 - 15 months
Rating: SG2
Judge's Critique:

14 months, Complete scissor bite, good bone, friendly and attentive, very good female head, broad skull, small to medium high set ears should be carried closer, straight muzzle, almond brown eyes, lips, sufficiently strong broad croup, very good chest depth, good forechest, good width, straight forearm, good pasterns in stance, might firm up during movement, very good angulation, very good angulation in rear, dog tends to stand in close in front, good stance in rear, warm brown markings, very good reach and drive, sloping croup, topline should remain straighter,

Rottweiler Club of Canada
2010 Ontario Regional Sieger Show
Judge: Paul Dieter Viehoff
Class: Offeneklasse
Rating: V4

medium size, strong bones, calm and friendly, very good head with medium size ears high-set should lay closer to the head, dark brown eyes, dark mouth pigmentation, straight fore quarters, very good front angulation, very well formed chest, straight back, straight hind quarters, correct rear angulation, dark brown markings little bit sooty on chest and fore quarters, correct coat, very good movement, scissors bite

Myleigh will be 2012 - puppies due late fall 2012
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