Habicht Vom Frasertal

Windorff's Brix frm Brant

CH D'Belle Windorff vom Eichenbaum

CH Windorff's Cora of Brant

CH Windorff's Legacy Tamara CD

CH Windorff's Lady Luck of Brant

Windorff's Ashley From Brant

CH Windorff's Cora Rose of Brant(r)

Windorff's Broken Hearted Baku

Windorff's Precious NJ Girl

CH Windorff's Razeen From Brant

CH Windorff's Myleigh Rose From Brant

Windorff's Slice and Dice

CH Windorff's Razeen From Brant
RO - 69911G28F-PI
Universiry of Guelph - Elbow Dyplasia Certificate - 0042490 - P1

Sovereign Rottweiler Club Dog Ontario Speciality Show July 12, 2008,
received winners Female,


Sire: Gonzzo Earl Antonius
Noris Von Der Alten Festung

CH Graf Von Der Alten Festung BH


Ria-Flash Rosse Aust. Ch. Beni

Fani Od Sremcica Miadi Pobednik Derbia

Dam: CH Windorff's Ashley From Brant
WP710460/05 8-99
Krutz Vom Frasertal

Rick Von Burgthann

Elysee Von Frasertal
Windorff's Mikalya From Brant

Ch Habicht vom Frasertal
CKC 1035523
Ch Windorff's Legacy Tamara CD

RCC 2007 Ontario Regional Sieger Show
Sept 15 and 16,2007
Class- 9-12 months
Rating: G
Judge: Fernando Lucas Martins
Judge's Critique:

10 months, complete and correct scissors bite, small size, compact, good substance, good bone, good head, dark eyes, correct ears, open lips, front stand is east/west, good topline, good angulation in front and rear, good coat, markings well defined, colour of markings could be darker, good movement.

Soverign Rottweiler Club
2009 Toronto Sieger Show
Judge: Anton Spindler
Class: Offene Klasse
Rating: SG
Judge's Critique:
Scissors bite, medium brown, mouth pigmentation, short, very good substance, mostly alert, strong head, brown eyes, correct ears, broad back partly little bit loose, deep chest, correct angulated, deep muscled at rear end, short coat, brown markings, free movement with enough drive from rear end

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