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Windorff's Brix frm Brant (r)

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CH Windorff's Lady Luck of Brant (r)

Windorff's Cherry Blossom

Windorff's Ashley From Brant ( r)

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Canadian Champion Daisy Duke Von Der Indischen-see
CHIC # 114033
Hip Dysplasia certificate RO-75815G24F-VPI
OFA Eye Certification Registry: RO-EYE1296/24F-VPI
OFA heart Certificate RO-CA7011/19F/C-VPI
Elbow Dysplasia Certificate RO-EL10834F24-VPI


Sire: Iko V. Blackbear
Ridik Von Brukroft

Nick Von Der Bleichstrasse

Xolo Buoso Da Dovora

Be Mollie Vom River Villa Arzadon Zato

Naomi Delle Abbadesse

Dam: Feli Von Der Goldquelle

Kliff Von Der Crossener Ranch

Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch

Kira Vom Muhlberg
Faby Vom Storchengassle

Chan Von Der Bleichstrasse

Irka Vom Wilden Westen

Rottweiler Klub of North America
2015 Central Ontario Rottweiler Klub 2015 Breed Show & Standard Evaluation
Class- 12-18 month Female
Rating: SG
Judge: Claudia Wolf-Meixner ADRK
Judge's Critique:

Medium sized, very good bones, alert, strong head, dark brown eyes, well carried ears, dark mouth pigment, corners are spotted, deep and broad chest, straight foreamr, well muscled rear, correctly angulated, natural tail, coarse coat, normal movement, scissor bite

Rottweiler Klub of North America
Rottweiler Klub of Michigan 2015 RKNA Breed, SE,& ZTP show # 1
Class- 12-18 female
Rating: SG
Judge: John Bernard ( RKNA-USA)
Judge's Critique:

17 mth, strong head with small well carried ears, very good stop, short strong muzzle, medium brown eyes, very strong neck, very good top and bottom lines, mostly dark lips & mouth pigmentation with small pink spots in the corners, strong width and depth of chest with very good forechest ,straight front, tight well knuckled feet, correct rear, strong coat with rust brown markings, a little wavy on the neck and a little muddy on the muzzle, hanging carried tail, good movement, reach and drive, slightly bend in the back while moving, correct dentition, full scissors bite

Rottweiler Klub of North America
Rottweiler Klub of Michigan 2015 RKNA Breed show # 2
Class - 12 - 18 Month Class - Female
Rating: V
Judge: Alfredo Estrada Santiago (FCI- Mexico)
Judge's Critique:

17 mths, medium size, very attentive, feminine head, excellent body and bone substances, very good drive, wrinkles on the forehead, very highest small well carried ears, very good stop, small dark brown eyes, strong and short muzzle, very good inner mouth pigmentation with a few pink spots in the corner, complete and scissors bite, short and strong neck, very good front, very well developed chest and forechest, very good topline, good underline, tail very well carried, strong rear, stong movement, good front angulation, very good rear angulation

Daisy Duke did recieve her Canadian Championship in 2017 and gave birth to puppies on November 1, 2017 - 2 girls and 1 boy

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