Habicht Vom Frasertal (r)

Windorff's Brix frm Brant (r)

CH D'Belle Windorff vom Eichenbaum (r)

CH Windorff's Cora of Brant(r)

CH Windorff's Legacy Tamara CD(r)

CH Windorff's Lady Luck of Brant (r)

Windorff's Cherry Blossom

Windorff's Ashley From Brant ( r)

Windorff's Proven Point Uggy

CH Windorff's Cora Rose of Brant(r)

CH Windorff's Broken Hearted Baku

Windorff's Precious NJ Girl

CH Windorff's Brutus J Toad

Xindi VD Steinbrucke

Windorff's Francais

CH Windorff's Razeen From Brant

CH Windorff's Myleigh Rose From Brant

Windorff's Slice and Dice

Windorff's Copper Penny
Hip Dysplasia certificate RO-77847G24F-VPI
OFA heart Certificate RO-ACA598/23F-VPI
OFA Eye Certificate RO-EYE2228/23F-VPI
Elbow Dysplasia CertificateRO-EL12197F24-VPI


Sire: Windorff's Yukon Gold
Andy OD Vadanora

Excalibur Von Quercuswald

Axana Od Vadanora

Can CH Windorff's Cora My Liegh Rose Waldemar Von Blacksage

Can CH Windorff's Cora Rose of Brant

Dam: Can CH Daisy Duke Von Der Indischen-see

Iko V Blackbear

Riddik Von Brukroft

Be Mollie Vom River Villa
Feli Von Der Goldquelle

Kliff Von Der Crossener Ranch

Faby Vom Storchenengassle

United Rottweiler Klub of Ontario
2017 Rottweiler Klub of North America 2017 RKNA Northeast Regional Siger Show and SE
Rating: SG4 Date: Sept 30, 2017
Class: 9 - 15 month Female
Judge: Alfredo Estrada Santiago (FCI - Mexico)
Critique:Head not as typical as we like to see, very well set and carried ears, small dark brown eyes, would like to see more c heeks, scissor bite, short and strong neck, very good in markings, arms too short, very good top and underlines, no tail, free movement, elbows loose in movement, very good front and rear angulations

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