Habicht Vom Frasertal (R)

Windorff's Brix frm Brant (R)

D'Belle Windorff vom Eichenbaum (R)

CH Windorff's Cora of Brant (R)

CH Windorff's Legacy Tamara CD (R)

CH Windorff's Lady Lucky of Brant (R)

CH Windorff's Razeen From Brant (R)

Windorff's Cherry Blossom

Windorff's Grimm Times are Over

Windorff's Slice and Dice (R)

CH Windorff's Brutus J Toad

Windorff's Proven Point Uggy

Windorff's Francais

Xindi VD Steinbrucke

Windorff's Broken Hearted Baku

Windorff's Precious NJ Girl

CH Windorff's Myleigh Rose From Brant

Windorff's Cherry Blossom
OFA Elbow certificate RO-EL10135F24-VPI
OFA Hips certificate RO-74748E24F- VPI EXCELLENT
OFA Heart Certificate RO-CA6456/21F/C-VPI
OFA Thyroid certificate RO-TH866/24F-VPI

Rottweiler Club of Canada August, 2013,
received Best Puppy in Speciality Show, Thanks Krystal Hjort for handling Cherry ,

Charter Oak Rottweiler Klub 2013 RKNA Breed Show Oct 5-6, 2013,
rated VP3, Thanks Siegmund Trebschuh, ADRK Germany,


Sire: CH Fiji Von Herrschaft
Ricco II Earl Antonius

Cliff Von Der Konigsknzel

Rizza Earl Antonius

Yang Von Herrschaft CH Gonnzo Earl Antonius

Aska Elez Rott

Dam: CH Windorff's Broken Hearted Baku

Windorff's Brix frm Brant

Waldemar Von Blacksage

CH Windorff's Cora Rose of Brant
Windorff's Riva From Brant

CH Gonzzo Earl Antonius

CH Windorff's Ashley From Brant

Rottweiler Club of Canada
2013 Ontario Regional Sieger Show
Class- 6 - 9 month female puppy
Rating: VV2
Judge: Jurgen Wulff ADRK
Judge's Critique:

8 months old, good in size,good bone, very good substance, friendly, typey head, medium stop, ears correct, dark brown eyes good dark mouth pigment, chest very well developed , proper width and depth, straight front quarters, strong paws not totally closed, very good topline, powerful hind quarters, very good angulation, strong coat, should lay tighter, medium brownwell defined markings, good movement ,scissors bite

Charter Oak Rottweiler Klub
2013 RKNA Breed Show
Class- 9 - 12 month female puppy
Rating: VP3
Judge: Siegmund Trebschuh ADRK
Judge's Critique:

Nine months old, medium sized, light stretched, strong bones, full of temperment, strong head with medium stop and zygomatic arches, dark eyes and pigmentation, correct ears, strong neck, well formed chest, correct angulated forequarters, both feet turned slightly out, lightly soft back, correct placed and angulated rear, hanging tail, correct coat with slightly brown tinge, correct markings, very good movement, correct scissors bite

Central Ontario Rottweiler Klub 2014 Breed Show and Standard Evaluation Class - 12 - 18 Month Class - Female Rating: SG3 Judge: Gerald O'Shea ( FCI-Sweden) Judge's Critique:

17 mths, medium-large with very strong substance, little fat, excellent bone , strong head with broad skull, medium stop& full muzzle, needs a little fill under the eye, slight Roman nose, large correct ears, excellent eyes, normal lip line , very good pigment, scissor bite, excellent neck, withers and over line, very full ribbing & forechest, well balanced angulation with strong forehand, very good feet, correct coat, excellent markings natural tail, movement: excellent reach & drive, little arch in over line, suspected slight 'water tail'

Look Cherry finished her CKC championship in 2014


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