CH Habicht Vom Frasertal (R)

Windorff's Brix frm Brant (R)

CH D'Belle Windorff vom Eichenbaum (R)

CH Windorff's Cora of Brant (R)

CH Windorff's Legacy Tamara CD (R)

CH Windorff's Lady Lucky of Brant (R)

CH Windorff's Razeen From Brant (R)

Windorff's Cherry Blossom

Windorff's Grimm Times are Over

Windorff's Slice and Dice (R)

CH Windorff's Brutus J Toad

Windorff's Proven Point Uggy

Windorff's Francais

Xindi VD Steinbrucke

CH Windorff's Broken Hearted Baku

Windorff's Precious NJ Girl

CH Windorff's Myleigh Rose From Brant

CH Windorff's Brutus J Toad
CHIC # 105644
OFA Elbow and Hip Displasia certificate 0043003
OFA heart Certificate RO-CA4426/21F/C-PI
OFA Eyes - RO-EYE873/42M-VPI

Owen Sound Club August, 2013,
received Group 3 Placement, Thanks ,

Charter Oak Rottweiler Klub
2013 RKNA Breed Show
Judge: Siegmund Trebschuh ADRK
Rating: V4


Sire: Yumbo Von Der Alten Festung
Astor von Junipera

Waro Von Hause Sommer

Volga Od Dragicevica

Bessy Wonderful Wizard Odin Vom Haus Neubrand

Nora Od Dragicevica

Dam: Arna Od Vadanora

Noris vom Hause Edelstein

Fanto Vom Kummelsee

Boa Vom Bonzi Star
Aretha Od Vadanora

Balou Von Der Maxi Rott

Bo Od Vadanora

Rottweiler Club of Canada
2013 Ontario Regional Sieger Show
Class- Junghundklasse 18 - 24 months
Rating: SG2
Judge: Jurgen Wulff
Judge's Critique:

correct size, very good substance, good bone strenth, calm, powerful head, ears correctly set and carried, dark eyes, very good dark mouth pigment, chest of correct depth and width, correct quarters set and angulation, powerful paws not totally tight, very good topline, natural angulations, healthy coat, rust brown marking, on chest and front paws sooty, natural movement, powerful scissors bite,

Charter Oak Rottweiler Klub
2013 RKNA Breed Show
Judge: Siegmund Trebschuh ADRK
Class: 18 -24 months Youth Male
Rating: V4
Judge's Critique:

correct size, very good substance, correct stop, bones in proportion, calm, strong head, correct ears, dark brown eyes, excellent mouth pigmentation, broad muzzle, strong neck with a bit loose skin, straight forequarters, bit flat not totally closed feet, well formed very deep chest, a bit stretched back, a bit strait rear angulation, hanging tail, correct tail, correct coat, dark mahogany brown marking not well defined on chest and legs, good movement, correct scissors bite

Brutus is standing at stud to bitches of merit

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